Application Guidelines

How to access funding



Deployment of funds is a responsibility our committee takes very seriously and we have discovered it is not without its challenges. We`d like to highlight a few considerations for clarity for you as a potential applicant on behalf of a child or youth:

  • We have made the application and process easy to use. We don’t require identifying information about the child.
  • Applications must be submitted by a community advocate or service provider to the child. We do not accept applications from family members of the child. We do not accept applications from the organization/person which will ultimately receive the funds
  • We rely on the honesty and integrity of the applicants and it is our hope that applicants are somewhat knowledgeable of the child or family to ensure the application is consistent with our mandate. The cheque for funding is made out to the applicant for appropriate disbursement.
  • We grant funding to a maximum of $200.00 per child and we define child as under 18 years of age.
  • It is important the request reflect a wish of the child (versus what the adults in her/his life feel is best). We know some children have difficulty daring to dream or are too young to give voice to their dreams.  We recognize that some requests will reflect that the child needed to be encouraged to explore/consider the possibilities…to dream.  
  • We are unable to fulfill group requests ie. Funding for a group of children vs. the unique dream of a child.
  • We do not fund Christmas gifts. The community is very active and generous at this time of the year and can be accessed for these types of dreams.
  • Several individual requests for the same activity will receive a maximum of $1000 for that activity ie. A school trip
  • Our mandate is to fulfill DREAMS for children. We encourage the applicant to ensure the request represents a dream. Some of our hardest moments have been declining a request for a NEED however, we accept, given our limited resources – we cannot be all things so we seek to stay true to our mandate for DREAMS.

We are grateful for each application the fund receives as it represents an advocate, a caring heart, and helping hand in the life of a child – The Esther Finkle Fund for Kids would not exist if not for the voices, through applications, representing the dreams of the children. Thank you thank you! 

As a last note, help The Fund continue its important work and please remember the Esther Finkle Walk for Kids is held every year on the third Sunday in October - we welcome any and all for participation!

TO COMPLETE YOUR APPLICATION ONLINE PLEASE CLICK HERE or download the form below to submit by email or mail.