Fulfilling Kids Small Dreams for over 20 years

About Us

Our Team


Our amazing team of dedicated volunteers are guided by the values and beliefs of Esther Finkle about the importance of making a difference in the lives of Island children. We take both her and our convictions and turn them into action. Our committee is comprised of the younger and the older, of friends and family of Esther, of those seeking to “be the change…”, and the bond that binds us is the passion, like Esther’s, to help children by seeking the fulfillment of their small dreams, wishes, longing…

If you think you would like to help out please use the "Contact Us" section to let us know.


Our committee is compromised of the following people:

Sr. Theresa Perry

Bernice DesRoches

Paula Finkle

Julia Albert

Lisa Finkle

Paulette Halupa

Theresa Finkle

Jennifer Murphy 

Kathleen Murphy

Chloe Millar

Emily Crozier

Patsy Finkle

Our History

The Esther Finkle Fund for Kids was founded in 2000 in honor and memory of a woman who touched and was touched by the hearts of children.  Esther worked with many families and children in her role within Child and Family Services.  She was driven to help make children’s small dreams a reality and those who knew and worked with Esther witnessed her many efforts to raise funds.  Her initiatives included such activities as organizing a hot dog sale, sewing a patchwork quilt and selling tickets on it, and more – whatever the endeavor there was always a tone of love, laughter, and joy. She believed all children, despite their family’s financial challenges, should have the opportunity to find joy in small luxuries that many children take for granted ie. a pair of Nike sneakers similar to their basketball teammates,  a tuxedo for the prom, etc.  Her commitment to children inspired others to carry on her important work.  This is a legacy for which she would be so very proud and grateful. 

Esther had another passion, in addition to helping children, and it was walking.  She was faithful to her daily 7 km walk along the highway in Miscouche to the “base lights” (now Roundabout at Slemon Park).  She was joined by her faithful friend and walking partner, Julia Albert, now a long-standing committee member for the fund.  When Esther passed in 1999, the dream was born to combine her 2 passions – walking to raise money to help fulfill the dreams of children and thus the Esther Finkle Fund for Kids was established.   Our first walk occurred in 2000 and we have been going strong ever since. 

Our Mission

The Esther Finkle Walk for Kids Fund strives to generate smiles, joy, and happy memories for children through the fulfillment of a wish, longing, or dream, at times when their families are facing financial limitations.   Children have taught us that the realization of their smaller dreams represent stepping stones in pursuit of their larger ones.  Esther Finkle understood the fulfillment of a child’s dream helped them recognize their intrinsic value and encouraged them to embrace life’s possibilities and potential.  

In a world where children are vulnerable to being impacted by negative messages, conflict, and challenges, The Esther Finkle Fund for Kids relays the messages – you matter, kindness matters, and others care.  

Esther Finkle Walk For Kids

The walk begins at the Miscouche Fire Hall . Join us for a 4.6 km walk /run or bike, which loops through the confederation trail and Route 2. 

So join us for our  annual walk in Esther's memory and help us make a difference in the life of a child.

If you are unable to take in the walk please feel free to donate by clicking the link below . Your donation is greatly appreciated.


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